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to the “ORACLE” for Miracles

Since ancient times man has searched for and consulted the sources of Wisdom and Divine Guidance to gain a VISON for his way of life and thereby the possible modes of his survival.

In the olden days it was called an “Oracle” where kings, warriors and men of all traits passed by for urgent answers.

As for today we are indeed in need of how to address the vital questions of our modern daily life.

The mysterious events around miracles have since ancient times fascinated many people of all cultures and beliefs.

People who, for instance have faith in the truth of miracles and also those who are ( for other reasons) familiar with the themes like “The Miracle Maker” and also “A Course in Miracles”, may well appreciate a practical way to approach those seemingly controversial and cryptical themes.

And it is  here that a non-traditional source for mindfulness is given us through the Voice of Christ in the cryptical messages within “A Course in Miracles”.

This “Voice” was transcribed during the sixties of the last century, and this non-traditional source of Christ-mindedness can now be compared with the traditional Christian values as we know them from the (at least 9) known Gospels of the New Testament

The 4 most well known Christian Gospels are also included in this website and can be found in 2 Biblical versions: 1. The King James Bible and 2. The “World English Bible“.

This Voice of Christ in the messages within “A Course in Miracles” can thereby serve us well as an “Oracle”   which we can counsel for guidance for the benefit of our ongoing search for the Meaning of our life and of our world within the impact of war and peace nowadays.

And we hereby give honour to and express our great appreciation towards mr. Doug Thompson who shared his research of many, many years, and that he recomposed it all in a freely searchable web-based Concordance format.

In so doing did he did make this Voice of Christ (in the messages within “A Course in Miracles”) freely available as a kind of a modern “Oracle” on the web.

And thus the context of the various themes and the messages can be researched for and more importantly, also be “de-coded“, to find their meaning and application for us today.

An Ancient oracle burns out and dies.

The extinction and exchange of the ancient Greek Oracle of Delphi as is narrated in the Aquarian Gospel of Jesus Christ:


The Figure of The CHRIST appears, fully materialised as “Jesus“, before Apollo and the Silent Brotherhood in Greece. Appears to Claudas and Juliet on the Tiber near Rome. Appears to the priest in the Egyptian temple at Heliopolis.


Text :

1. Apollo, with the Silent Brotherhood in Greece, was sitting in a Delphian grove

The Oracle had spoken loud and long.

2. The priests were in the sanctuary and as they looked, 

the Oracle became a blaze of light; it seemed to be on fire, and all consumed.

3. The priests were filled with fear. They said, A great disaster is to come; our gods are mad; they have destroyed our Oracle.

4. But when the flames had spent themselves, a man stood on the oracle pedestal and said,

5. God speaks to man, not by an oracle of wood and gold, but by the Voice of Man.

6. The gods have spoken to the Greeks, and kindred tongues, through images made by man, but God, the One, now speaks to man through Christ the only Son, who was, and is and evermore will be.

7. This Oracle shall fail; 

the Living Oracle of God, the One, will never fail.

8. Apollo knew the man who spoke; he knew it was the Nazarene who once had taught the wise men in the Acropolis and had rebuked the idol worshippers upon the Athens beach:

9. And in a moment “Jesus” stood before Apollo and the Silent Brotherhood, and said.

10 Behold, for I have risen from the dead with gifts for men. I bring to you the title of your vast estate.

11. All power in heaven and earth is mine; to you I give all power in heaven and earth.

12. Go forth and teach the nations of the earth the gospel of the resurrection of the dead and of eternal life through Christ, the Love  of God made manifest to men.

13. And then he clasped Apollo’s hand and said, My human flesh was changed to higher form by Love  divine and I can manifest in flesh, or in the higher planes of life, at will.

14. What I can do all men can do.

Go preach the gospel of the omnipotence of man.

15. Then Jesus disappeared; but Greece and Crete and all the Nations heard.

Web-path & Manual

Manual for the web-path to the Urtext Concordance of “A Course in Miracles”.

Use preferably ONLY the web-browser FireFox due to the necessary features.


  1. Choose > Concordances: The Scholar’s Toolbox II
  2. Choose > Urtext seven volume
  3. Choose > Seven Volume Urtext Web Concordance
  4. Click START New Search and then press [Ctrl][F] and type the word to search the Wordlist for.

Directions for use:

Having entered into item no 5. one can do the following things:

a) Entering the keystrokes CTRL+F / Command +F (Mac) brings you the bottom space for a text “search+find“.

b) Choosing an item in the alphabetical side-bar results in a compilation of all relevant context in the UPPER text frame.

c) You can choose them all with “Shift and down-arrow“, copy them en paste them in your own document for your own further study and/or deeper de-coding.



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