High Resolution Notes images




Note: On many systems these large PDF files load into the PDF viewer rather slowly if called from the browser directory you reach by clicking on “Directory” above.  You can load them much faster by opening the DVD folder called “PDF BINDERS” and clicking on the filenames.  There is one PDF file for each of volumes 3 through 17.  That’s all of the 22 Volume collection currently available.


This collection consists of volumes 3 through 17 of the 22 Volumes of Helen Schucman’s Unpublished Writings. 


This is the source material from which the Scholar’s Toolbox Notes facsimile images were made.  It is provided in case legibility problems with the lower resolution images in the Toolbox require examination of higher resolution images. 


This collection is unmodified from the anonymous donation of JPG images in 2007 except that the three thousand plus images have been combined in PDF files for easier access and page numbers have been applied in the margins.  It is certain that some pages of the original Notebooks  are missing and that some are out of their original order.  This material is provided strictly “as is” and “as it arrived.” 


There is a very obvious need for higher quality facsimiles of the original pages, preferably in the original order.  As soon as that material becomes available, this sometimes poor quality copy will be replaced with a better one.


Cross Referencing:


Notes references are of the form # : # or for example 10: 3.  That means volume 10, page 3.  Load the correct volume and then type the page number you want in the reader’s “GoTo” dialog box.  That’s the box that shows the current page number in the PDF reader.


These reference numbers apply only to this particular collection as it arrived here and are less “references to the Shorthand Notes” than they are “references to this collection” since we know that some material is missing and some is out of order.


Since we do not have access to the originals, it is impossible to comprehensively verify what is missing and what is out of order. 


To locate a Notes page from a chapter and paragraph reference, start with the Scholar’s Toolbox collection, find the correct volume and page there, and then come back here with the reference to see the higher resolution image.  If you already know the Urtext reference, the chart below will help you find the volume and page number.


Urtext/Notes Cross-Reference

Yellow highlighting indicates missing material

Green highlighting indicates chapter breaks