Seven Volume HLC   Web Concordance


Before you click read this at least once Ö.



1) This Concordance uses your web browser and loads large HTML files with many reference numbers.Some Browser Helper Objects designed to find phone numbers in web pages and link those to VOIP software such as Skype will try to interpret the references as telephone numbers.This wonít damage your data or your computer but because some files contain many thousands of such alpha-numeric strings,it will make the Concordance impossibly slow.It can make your computer seem to hang for several minutes.If this happens, donít panic, just go for lunch and then exit the program and switch your BHOs OFF before loading the Concordance again!


To avoid this problem, such Browser Helper Objects must be switched offfor the Concordance to work.If you donít know how to toggle your BHOs on and off, you can download BHO DEMON a free utility recommended by PC World which makes that simple.The BHO demon will also find and advise you of malicious Browser Helper Objects which have invaded many computers.



2) This package has been designed and tested using Mozilla FireFoxweb browser (version 2).While it does work in some other browsers in a limited way, it doesnít work properly because no other browser has a text search capability comparable to Firefox. Since what this software does is text search, the browser with the best search capability is obviously required.

If you donít have Firefox you can


For years the attempt was made to make the software work with all of the most common browsers.Due to differences in handling HTML which multiply with each new release of each browser, this task has become excessively onerous.Due to the fact that Firefox has much better text search capability than any other browser, and text search is what this software does, it is rather pointless to even try to use another browser with it.While it may work to some extent with some, it will not work well with Internet Explorer 7 so if you are using IE7 download and install Firefox.It works much better with the Concordances.


The Six volume HLC Concordance is based on the HLC text and the Urtext manuscripts for the other volumes.It was our first major concordance project completed in 2006.It is in need of updating and some revision but this has not been done in this release.This is pretty much the original 2006 HLC Concordance.