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Each of the two HTML Concordances contains seven volumes.  The principal difference is that the first uses the Urtext  for the Text  volume while the second uses the HLC  for the text volume.  The other six volumes are identical in each and are all derived from the Urtext. 


HTML Concordances


1)   Urtext  seven volume

2)   HLC  seven volume

3)   King James Bible 66 book

4)   World English Bible 66 book


Full Featured Concordances


These are “simplified” concordances with all footnotes from all volumes stripped.  This makes them easier and faster to use.  The presence of footnotes, while potentially useful, interferes with phrase searches.  Checking the footnotes can be done from the E-text copies in the Scholar’s Toolbox.



You’ll get better results with the Firefox Browser for the HTML Concordances


Many of the files on this DVD, most notably in the Concordances, consist of HTML (web pages). Your Internet Browser is used to display and search them.  Much of this will not work as well with Internet Explorer 7, the browser currently supplied with Windows.  Here’s Why. The Concordances were designed and tested on Mozilla Firefox 2.  To achieve satisfactory results, it is highly recommended that you download and install Firefox.  In particular, the use of the Concordances’ full power really does require Firefox’s advanced text search capabilities. Firefox can happily coexist with other installed browsers and will not interfere with them.  We are also confident that once you try it and see how much faster and more powerful it is, you won’t want to go back to Internet Explorer. For more details click here: About Browsers

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