The Scholar’s Toolbox II: Concordances <beta release 0.9>

ACIM Reference and Text Analysis Tools

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Full-Featured Concordances Menu



The full-featured Concordances require the installation of R.J.C. Watt’s Concordance Software

(download 30 day free trial here)


Load HLC  Seven Volume FULL Concordance


Load Urtext  Seven Volume FULL Concordance


Note:  With the Concordance software installed, the above links enable the Concordance but not the Text Viewer.

To obtain full functionality for the Full Concordances, they must be loaded directly via Windows Explorer, rather than here through the browser.  After installing the Concordance™ software, browse to the Concordances folder and double click on either of the Concordance files (HLC7-full.txt.Concordance for the HLC or whole7k-full.txtx.Concordance for the seven volume Urtext)


Many kinds of textual scholarship need powerful text-analysis tools as much as a carpenter needs a saw.  The full-featured Concordance is a tad pricey (~US$100) and is a rather complicated bit of software that takes time to master.  That’s largely why the HTML Concordances were produced.  For more casual use or simple word lookup, they are simple to use and very fast, accessible and can be put on-line for a nominal cost.


While the HTML Concordances are powerful and simple tools for basic word searches, their features and flexibility are necessarily limited by the limitations of the web browser used to search and display them.


There are additional universes of power and flexibility available with the Full Concordance.  A 30-day trial version of the software can be downloaded free.  I’ll note that it took me much more than 30 days to really become comfortable with the software so, if you want to give it a fair trial, begin by reading the manual before you install it and start the 30 day clock ticking so you will have a better idea of what you’re looking at when it finally appears before your eyes!


This is not a simple tool for beginners or dilettantes; it’s an enormously powerful and flexible tool for serious scholarship.



A screenshot can only give you an inkling of what it’s like to use the Full Concordance.  In this shot, we’ve looked up and displayed all instances of the word “world” and clicked on one, which is then highlighted in the full text display window.


If we double-click on any word in the full text, we jump to that word’s Concordance listing.


We can only show you one of an almost infinite number of possible ways of displaying the results.  Contexts can be made larger or smaller, or organized by “sense units” or punctuation marks.  We can restrict the display to specific words or word families.  We can display them by proximity to other words, by frequency, or by many other criteria.


The power and flexibility of this tool for serious textual analysis is enormous and light years beyond what the simple HTML Concordances can offer through a web browser.


We include the databases for the HLC and Urtext Concordances, but we can’t provide the “Concordance Software” needed for the use of these databases.  That has to be obtained from R.J.C. Watt.  A free 30 day trial version is available.  By all means try it out! 


Among the many things you can do is generate printouts for any number of words you may care to select.  The printouts can be in text or HTML or formatted printable files such as shown below.


Click Here to see the full PDF file of this printout.


The context chosen for this sample is five words before and after the search word.  Many other context and display options are available.  On the right we see the references, both the volume, chapter, section and paragraph reference and in addition, the original manuscript page number reference.  These are provided for citation, lookup, and verification purposes.


We do not own or publish the software needed to generate and display the Concordance data in this way, it must be obtained from R.J.C. Watt.  We did however produce the formatted, tagged text files which that software is shown using here.


Finally, if you are not persuaded of the value of this item, read the manual and tour Watt’s website!