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The Bible … perhaps the most remarkable book in human history, quoted hundreds of times in the Course, is presented here in the familiar (to most) King James Version first published in 1611 and the modern English World English Bible which is a new revision of the venerable American Standard Version of 1901.  These two are selected primarily because they are public domain and because both have excellent reputations for accuracy. 


I’ve formatted those two for optimal “on-screen” reading and searching with Acrobat Reader.


As an historical curiosity, Tyndale’s Bible, which was the first English translation to appear in print in 1527 is included.  You will note that the Old Testament was not complete when he was burned at the stake for his “criminal” activity … translating the Bible was illegal in those days., indeed it was a capital crime. Unlike the King James Bible which has spelling “modernized” the Tyndale Bible has the original spelling. 



1)      King James Version EBook (first published in 1611)

2)      World English Bible Version Ebook (Revised American Standard Version, 1901)

3)      The Tyndale Bible Ebook (First English Version to be printed)

4)      Earliest New Testament Translations  (interlinear comparison)


Bible Concordances

1)      HTML Concordance to the King James Version

2)      HTML Concordance to the World English Bible